My customers call me Fifi Stitch, a name which was originally given to me by friends, however the girl behind the mask is called Lesley Owen. I’m based in Wales and could be described as an artist/designer and jack of all trades who never grew out of cutting, colouring and sticking my fingers together!

After studying a fashion degree at West Wales School of the Arts and graduating in 2010, my little nephew was born in 2011, for whom I designed and handmade his first teddy bear from toweling fabric. Little did I know at the time, that that was the start of my brand which I decided to call, Fifi Stitch. I opened a shop on soon after, selling custom/personalised teddy bears of my design and let the snowball roll until September 2013, when I decided to become Fifi Stitch full time.

Now I’ve just started the process of growing Fifi Stitch and am currently developing new products, looking for new ideas and am also currently writing and illustrating a children's book, as my young followers have turned Fifi into a character in her own right.

They describe her as a magical girl who makes teddy bears for Santa at Christmas time, and then helps to find the bear’s companions to love them forever through out the rest of the year. So there are many adventures to be had!

I'm hugely inspired by my childhood, and also by the mums and dads who get in touch with me, along with my very little customers and all their funny stories of course!

I am so excited to see how my business will grow in the coming years. I hope to create, even if just a few, traditional childhood memories for children with my handmade bears and other products, which computer games simply can not.
You can follow my bears and their stories

Best wishes... Fifi Stitch x