Baby Bear size
£150.00 / $208.13
Mamma Bear size
£175.00 / $242.81
Daddy Bear size
£200.00 / $277.50
Memory Dog
£125.00 / $173.44
Made from something special, this range takes items full of memories out of the draw to be upcycled into a companion that can be cherished every day.

Within the price Fifi will deconstruct and reconstruct your special items into your chosen dog or bear, uniquely designed for each customer, and to the highest quality.

Fifi lines the special items with premier fleece before the transformation, to add to that important cuddle factor, to hold in warmth, and to support potentially well worn materials with new life.

Fifi also takes care with extra details such as patches / pockets and button-ups to keep the authenticity of the original item, and to capture as many memories as possible within the design.

Most items that can be sewn can be worked into the design, sometimes it's nice to even include items with marks and imperfections if they hold happy stories of an incident or loved personality.
If you have something in mind then please don't hesitate to CONTACT FIFI
She will happily have a no obligation chat about the possibilities

Just dropping by to say another big thank you - to see my little boy with his memory bear is a very special thing, and I...

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