Do you have a well loved teddy bear or stuffed animal that's looking a little tired?

Fifi Stitch teddy bear spa will have your little companion, cleaned-up, stitched-up, re-stuffed and back into the arms of it's companion in no time!

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Meet BunBun

This little bunny arrived and checked into our spa looking very floppy and unwell indeed.

But now BunBun can bounce back home into the arms of a little girl who'll be very pleased to see her again, and with her head held up high, her chest puffed out, and her tail once again bushy and fluffy.

BunBun received the full pamper treatment here in the mountains of Wales, from her tail to the tip of her whiskers!

She had a wonderful bath, followed by lots of grooming and magic carrots
to fatten her up and make her well again! (...That means she was re-stuffed for adults.)

This pamper treatment costs £45

BunBun is home!!!Mum say's: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have one very happy little girl who is so glad to have her BunBun...

Posted by Fifi Stitch on Friday, 18 December 2015

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